For Shame!

And to think I had such high hopes for this blog!

No, it’s all good. I’ve been woeful at uploading work but I guess between real life and… real life, these things can be somewhat challenging.


Having successfully completed a newly corrected paper (hurrah!), I can now get back to finishing the web design and associated apps that I started working on before I was seduced by the prospect of academic notoriety. In the course of the usual search for prints and textures, I came across this fabulous piece by Nathan Ota and RISK. Absolutely fabulous. A piece of inspiration for the day amidst the usual styling woes (css can be a right pain, let’s just put it that way).

Crucifix by RISK and Nathan Ota


Been a bit busy…

Goodness it’s been a while since I last updated, hasn’t it? There’s been a lot of stuff going on, mostly in the form of web designing, games programming, events planning, short story/novel writing, job hunting and the lingering cloud of melancholia that usually slows things down.

Which is just peachy.

One of the great things about working at a gallery is that there’s a constant stream of inspiration, from the art to the people you meet, to those penetrating silences when nothing seems to be going on. There’s something about the huge spaces in a gallery that can become very strange and existentially problematic when they’re rid of everything; sans visitors, sans staff (except you the observer, of course) especially because they’re so obviously designed to be filled with the presence of the others. During the past few days of fairly decent weather in Manchester, as the gallery switches over from Spring to Summer, there have been times when I could almost convince myself I’d been transplanted there post some awful zombie apocalypse, the only non infected for miles and miles. Everything has been abandoned and you alone remain to guard what is left of humanity.

It’s wonderful. Except when you get a little too into it and try to hide behind a curtain whenever you hear approaching footsteps.

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Boring Update is Boring

The lack in recent updates has been due to an overdue paper that was in severe need of some one to one attention. Happily it’s now been sent off for review which will give me a few weeks respite to polish off some comics and scan some of the latest artwork.

In the meantime here’s a peek at something from a website I’m currently working on:

EDIT: The website is now finished – check it oot!


Bits and Bobs


1847 Scrapbook



My aim is always to get a post out each day, just to keep me limber. As it happens I have quite a few things that are sort of finished (or pages that would only have one picture on them which I’d rather not put up as I’d find it rather sad) but alas not enough.

For now here’s a selection of pictures from my 1847 scrapbook. As I mentioned previously, I’m currently doing a ton of concept art and scriptwriting for a new webcomic which probably won’t see the light of day for a while as there’s still a lot of research and story line to do and I have quite a few other bits and pieces to be getting on with, thank you very much. It’s mostly fashion plates and notable persons, the combination of which I will leave you to guess what on earth I might be cooking up!


1847-erprnt      http://thegrio.com/2010/02/09/slideshow-unsung-heroes-of-black-history/#s:368px-susie_king_taylor-jpg

Fashions, Autumn 1847

Women 1846-1847, Plate 039


1847 in Science



I’m currently working on a couple of projects which include some concept art for a new steampunk webcomic set in an alternate late 1840’s and costume design for a comic opera set in 1910s Colonial Nigeria. In doing so have found some amazing fashion and design reference sites:

European Historical

Costume Institute Fashion Plates


Tudor_chic’s photostream

The Dreamstress

Diary of a Mantua Maker – one of my favourite blogs in general

Colonial Nigerian

The Art and Architecture of Yorubaland

Igbo Architecture

Ukpuru – Images of Igbo before (another generally cool blog with some brilliant images)


V&A collection


Black Dot co-operative – some absolutely fabulous fabrics, modern twists on vintage fabric with a Gorey-esque feel



Last week I was able to catch ‘Boy in a Dress’ at the Contact Theatre in Manchester, courtesy of my most excellent friend, the incomparable Maud. For some reason I got a little obsessed with the idea of a Botticelli cum pop art tribute to the rather exquisite La JohnJoseph and this was the result. Needless to say, I think my favourite bit is the part I had the least input i.e. the frame. Still, as I happen to find the subject a fairly striking individual, will probably have another go sooner rather than later.

La JohnJoseph

And in case you hadn’t realised, I really really like fancy frames. The more ludicrously ornate, the better.


Pen sketches

Some ink pen sketches



Some silly little comics. You can find these and more at the “Comics” page.