1847 Scrapbook

My aim is always to get a post out each day, just to keep me limber. As it happens I have quite a few things that are sort of finished (or pages that would only have one picture on them which I’d rather not put up as I’d find it rather sad) but alas not enough.

For now here’s a selection of pictures from my 1847 scrapbook. As I mentioned previously, I’m currently doing a ton of concept art and scriptwriting for a new webcomic which probably won’t see the light of day for a while as there’s still a lot of research and story line to do and I have quite a few other bits and pieces to be getting on with, thank you very much. It’s mostly fashion plates and notable persons, the combination of which I will leave you to guess what on earth I might be cooking up!

1847-erprnt      http://thegrio.com/2010/02/09/slideshow-unsung-heroes-of-black-history/#s:368px-susie_king_taylor-jpg

Fashions, Autumn 1847

Women 1846-1847, Plate 039


1847 in Science


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