Been a bit busy…

Goodness it’s been a while since I last updated, hasn’t it? There’s been a lot of stuff going on, mostly in the form of web designing, games programming, events planning, short story/novel writing, job hunting and the lingering cloud of melancholia that usually slows things down.

Which is just peachy.

One of the great things about working at a gallery is that there’s a constant stream of inspiration, from the art to the people you meet, to those penetrating silences when nothing seems to be going on. There’s something about the huge spaces in a gallery that can become very strange and existentially problematic when they’re rid of everything; sans visitors, sans staff (except you the observer, of course) especially because they’re so obviously designed to be filled with the presence of the others. During the past few days of fairly decent weather in Manchester, as the gallery switches over from Spring to Summer, there have been times when I could almost convince myself I’d been transplanted there post some awful zombie apocalypse, the only non infected for miles and miles. Everything has been abandoned and you alone remain to guard what is left of humanity.

It’s wonderful. Except when you get a little too into it and try to hide behind a curtain whenever you hear approaching footsteps.

Who would have thought?

So at the moment I have a couple of unofficial roles as an events… person (manager seems a bit too optimistic) which have seen me take on some much more proactive roles than I thought I’d be able to deal with (turns out that putting yourself forward is a good thing. Nothing forces competence out of you than knowing you’ve volunteered for something and other people are actually relying on you and there is no one else to help and you’re all alone and if anything goes wrong it’s all your fault and…). I recently provided my services in the marketing/promotional/technical department for the St Dymphna Seminars, a project led by a very good friend of mine who’s currently working on her PhD. There’s still a lot of work left to do – I have two hours of video footage to edit and upload on youtube, and there’s a future workshop in Autumn to plan out and get sorted.

The event was pretty cool though, and wholly unexpected. We got a series of amazing speakers together in a room packed with people we mostly didn’t know, got the vast majority of the talks livestreamed and even got kicked out like the renegade group we’d love to be (to be honest, we’d just run over time).

Currently I’m working with a friend setting up a sequential art convention in Manchester this August. Time is a ticking but that seems to be how I work best. At the moment what we really need is stallholders as once the event goes up on eventbrite and I make the rounds of the convention listing sites, Manchester geekdom being what it is, we should have an intrigued if not excited potential audience. If it sounds like something interesting, check out the website for more.

Speaking of, here’s a bunch of illustrations for the website so far:

The List of Doom

So once all the promo and printing for the convention gets done, all that’s left are… the other projects which include a bunch of non-profit websites, polishing off some short stories complete with illustrations and some one off comics. Who was it that said there’s no rest for the wicked? They were damn right.


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