Alternate History: the Sokoto Caliphate

I’ve been a bit behind my writing schedule. I had completed a first draft of a short story as part of my writeworld series, but unfortunately it got eaten by WordPress (my fault of course – I should have written it in a document first). I decided to have a go re-writing it but then got a little sidetracked with some research.

Why yes, I do have a tendency to overthink things, why do you ask?

A friend of mine pointed me to an alternate history board where one member has written some sections of a novel set during the Sokoto Republic. The piece is called Malé Rising and is well worth checking out, not least for the discussion. One of my side interests is in pre-colonial West African technology (you can read a paper I wrote on the intersection of technology and disability in West Africa here), and as with most areas of history, getting a full understanding of the political and social context can really help broaden one’s scope of enquiry.

Do check it out and spread the word!

Additional Information

The Malé Revolt

Slavery and Slave Rebellion in the US


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