Here’s to 2015

Today is the last day of my Christmas holidays before I return to the world of full time employment. Although I haven’t been successful in completely finishing off all that I’d wanted, I think I’ve made some headway in getting my creative schedule back on track. There are still about a dozen short stories to be finished, but I am feeling less of a failure with each one that gets completed. I am never short for inspiration, it seems, but the discipline to finish what I begin is something I still need to work on.

What are my plans for 2015? Well, firstly I am hoping that this is the year I am able to complete my full length novel. Aside from The Very Devils, I have lots of ideas for other future projects which include a comic opera and a couple of plays, all currently in the plotting stage with a few scenes sketched out, not to mention other novels which have been patiently waiting their turn. It would be nice to free up some headspace to give them the room they deserve to fully flourish.

That brings me onto the topic of resolutions, a topic I generally try to avoid! In all, I think I am in a much better place than I was this time last year, which is evidence of one resolution completed. I have a full time job to fund my creative work and a room of my own in which to write. Since I just about managed to undermine the last potential bout of depression (tackling a mental illness often seems to be more trouble than it’s worth as it doesn’t really go away), I’ve also discovered new opportunities for participating in other really interesting projects – at the Thought Bubble convention, I discovered a few local zines and met some incredibly talented people working on things I care a lot about such as using comics in science communication.

I’m actually really excited about what lies ahead. My priority at the moment is still to finish off what’s left, but for once, I think I might be able to achieve that, a wonderful feeling to be sure!

Anyway, to whoever might be reading this, I hope this winter season has been a restful and fun time and has left you fat and happy ready to face the New Year.

And thank you to all the new followers of this blog, as your quiet approval has been greatly encouraging for a young hack like myself!


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