The writer is at work!

I’m currently working on a few short stories for some anthologies, so the fiction output on this blog will be limited.

At the moment I’m reading ‘The Lords of Humankind’ by V.G. Kiernan which is – as it should be for any decent popular history – turning into a simultaneously fascinating and disquieting read. It focuses on the attitudes of the coloniser and the colonised, though mostly from a perspective critical of the former (I find it telling that the majority of the West African experience is devoted to slavery and there is none of the detailed discussion of the contemporary and pre-colonial society that the writer affords to India, for example. This is often the case, and is actually quite a boon because it means I have to read more!).

Like I said, it’s a good enough read, though it will be interesting to find other critical perspectives, especially those that focus more on the social complexities of the colonised nations. The book was published in the late 60’s and the writing (and biases) occasionally shows it’s age!

I’m still transferring a couple of blogs into this one. I have created a new blog section for posts and links concerning my independent research into pre-colonial Nigerian technologies and their intersection with all things interesting (gender, sexuality, religion, disability etc. The usual!) and in the meantime will hopefully remember to get some more of my essays and critical pieces up as well.


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