To be perfectly honest…

…I haven’t really taken so much as a break as just been a little lazy. I am currently ramping up for MancsterCon, an independent sequential art convention I organise with some friends of mine. I’m also getting started on an Afrofuturist weekend event in October (which is Black History Month in the UK) – a little bit late, I suspect, but as we’re keeping the event fairly low-key, hopefully it will all turn out fine.

I’m still scribbling away at my short stories, having found a few more anthologies looking for the kind of thing I tend to write, but it’s mostly scrappy little bits. My main focus is on a programming project where I’m currently hacking my way through understanding Google Maps JavaScript API. It’s sort of fun, but a little daunting when you’re at the stage beyond the nice tutorials.

On that note, I’ve found some useful JavaScript blogs and articles:

JavaScript Object Prototype

How to learn JavaScript Properly – some very helpful links for anyone who’s cobbled together a working knowledge of JavaScript but would like some formation.

How to Use HTML5 Geolocation API with Google Maps – haven’t quite reached this stage yet, but needed to bookmark the link.

Getting Creative with the Google Maps API

Progress has slowed down a little with me coming home fairly late from work these days and with the events management stuff, but I’ll get there, slowly but surely!


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