Meteor Links

I’m currently working on a proof of concept web app using the Meteor.js framework. Considering I’ve never been one for JavaScript frameworks (have literally just started learning Angular. Node is proving fairly painful), it’s been an interesting learning curve. Not so much steep as steep-slow-hellasteep-WHATAMIDOING?


Over the course of the development, I’ve come across some pretty useful articles which I’m going to leave here for the other poor sod who falls for the hype.

Meteor Links:

Handling Multiple Pages in Meteor

Hiding/Removing Element in Meteor

Custom Login/Registration in Meteor

How to Create a Reactive Google Map – This is under ‘worked for some’. No luck with this method, but hey, do try it out. It’s worked for lots of other people and I’m a veritable eejit.

Google Maps not working with Meteor? Try Template..rendered…

Loading Google Maps Aynchronously in Meteor.js – I’m also putting this under ‘worked for some’. Did help clarify the issue conceptually, however 🙂

6 Must Use Meteor Packages

Some Inspiration for the Hard Times

Illustreets, Mapping the UK with Meteor


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