Writing again

For various reasons I stopped blogging properly a while back (not as long ago as the last entry here might suggest but… yeah it’s been some time) – partly because the ever present disdain for (and discomfort with) my online voice got a bit overwhelming, partly because I was just tired and changing jobs and realising how broke I actually was.

Maybe as result of this, maybe as a result of some other weirdness going on in my head – and goodness knows there’s plenty of it – maybe just because, I also slowed massively on my writing output. Actually, what’s interesting is that this went hand in hand with a decline in reading and that was as much because I hated being thrown into the depths of either melancholy (if it was really good) or irritation (if it was mediocre to poor).

However, in spite of the fact that nothing has really changed, the last two months or so I found myself reading, actually reading again. And I don’t mean the stuff I had to read because I’d promised someone an article and had a deadline looming, or was being lured by the promise of pay. No, this is just stuff that I wanted to read… just because. Books, articles, papers, it’s like my brain had let down the sluice gates ready for informational and knowledge overload.

The writing is coming back too, which is a welcome change. It was getting a bit too much with all the words and ideas jumbled up in there. Something has kind of shifted and the creative impulse feels a little bit freer.

I think I’m going to take advantage of that whilst it stays that way.

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