Victor Patricio Landaluze

Today I learned about the work of the costumbrista Victor Patricio Landaluze, courtesy of Jonathan Square’s amazing page, Fashioning the Self in Slavery and Freedom. According to the post, ‘…his prolific oeuvre is the most detailed visual documentation of daily life of Afro-Cubans in the nineteenth century.’

Here are some examples of his work I’m particularly taken by:

2 thoughts on “Victor Patricio Landaluze

  1. The paintings are indeed very beautiful…You should check out an early 18th century painting called “De slavendans” by Valkenburg. I like that painting for the same reason I like the pictures you posted. They offer a glimpse of a split second of normalcy, a sense of black humanity, through out all the extreme suffering and dehumanization the people depicted in the paintings probably went through most of the time.

    1. Yes! The split second of normalcy is absolutely right. As much as I do love uplifting and empowering art, the mundanity, like something from a ‘street photography’ exhibition, warms my heart.

      Thank you for the recommendation 😀

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