F. Okoye is an aspiring science fiction writer and Theoretical Quantum Computing/Complex Systems Scientist, trapped in the body of a junior UX Consultant. Afrofuturism, Citizen Science and the History of Science & Technology in West Africa are also a pretty big deal to her. She is a Gilbert and Sullivan enthusiast and amateur Hellenist, grade 1 violinist and mezzo-soprano mediocre. Her personal motto is that she will try anything twice on the basis that she may have screwed it up the first time.

She deeply regrets not having come up with that one herself.

Her creative projects include a novel, Chizoba of the Black Hills, as well as a multimedia steampunk adventure titled The Very Devils. Between bouts of inspiration, there’s a continually growing collection of speculative fiction short stories and webcomics.

You can reach her @FINOkoye, or follow her ‘commonplace journal’ on tumblr.


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