Chizoba of the Black hills


Author’s note: updated from empty draft 25th August 2019

From the drowned boroughs of London, here I come.

From the shifting spires of Guangzhou, here I come.

I see you. I see all of you. You let us starve as you play your games, you steal our past as you trade your trinkets for our ancestors. You make us blow each other up for your own gains, just as you let the world burn and flood to keep the stock value up. I see you.

I am Chizoba, of Baohan, of Peckham. I am Chizoba of the black hills, here I come.

Inspired by Write World


I can see his agent look across out across the street, bored. She drops the finished cigarette and lights up another just as she grinds the old one out beneath her toes. Focus. Let her do her own thing. We’ve got a job to do and it needs to be done today. I shake out my shoulders, pump myself up. It’s been a long take.

I know he won’t care but I say it anyway. “You’re doing great, kid. Emerge. Keep emerging.”

It’s amazing when you get to do a shoot like this. Sometimes you really need to force it out of them. Finding someone who just gets it is a blessing.

An Introduction to the WriteWorld Challenges

When I’m stuck or feeling morose, I like to take up writing challenges from writeworld, a wonderful website that frequently posts random images and quotes for inspiration. My personal challenge is always to finish one before I start another, which may well contribute to the decline in quality towards the end, but does help with the self-discipline!

Below you will find my various challenge responses. They are mostly short stories and flash fiction, though you might find a comic or an essay somewhere. Feedback of any kind is always most appreciated.