Makers and Shakers

Scholars Circle

Ellie Armstrong

Tatiana Mac

Design Thinkage

Decolonising Design

Critical Design Critical Futures

Centre for Universal Design

Inclusive Design Research Centre

Systems Dynamics

Cite Black Women Collective

Theory and Praxis

Critical theory

Imaginary Futures

Where are the Black designers?

Participatory Action Research Methods

The Extra Inks, Comic studies society blog

Anoka Faruquee

Council for the development in Africa

Dan McQuillan


Carol Milne

Tahir Carl Karmali

Kevin Leroy


Karl Sims

Ben Taylor


Cindy Alvarez

Digital Psychology

Neil Cohn (Visual language lab)

Eugenia Kim

Game design

Jane McGonigal

Matteo Menapace

Open Access

BSI Standards

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