Ancestors and Archaeology in Africa

From one of my favourite researchers in the field, Peter Schmidt, who’s been pretty influential for me starting in my research on pre-colonial African technologies.

Ancestors and Archaeology in Africa

Raving Ravens

Having successfully completed a newly corrected paper (hurrah!), I can now get back to finishing the web design and associated apps that I started working on before I was seduced by the prospect of academic notoriety. In the course of the usual search for prints and textures, I came across this fabulous piece by Nathan Ota and RISK. Absolutely fabulous. A piece of inspiration for the day amidst the usual styling woes (css can be a right pain, let’s just put it that way).

Crucifix by RISK and Nathan Ota

Boring Update is Boring

The lack in recent updates has been due to an overdue paper that was in severe need of some one to one attention. Happily it’s now been sent off for review which will give me a few weeks respite to polish off some comics and scan some of the latest artwork.

In the meantime here’s a peek at something from a website I’m currently working on:

EDIT: The website is now finished – check it oot!

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