Asian wolves and African dogs

As well as breeding goats, my grandma was also a dog enthusiast so I have always been interested in where African domestic dogs originated.

Ancient Wolves give clues about origins of dogs, discusses the common Asian ancestry which makes me wonder about the migrations and potential backwards looping connections between neolithic (and earlier) human populations as they moved from the East African homeland…

The Female King of Colonial Nigeria

Achebe’s study of Ahebi Ugbabe is significant because it salvaged the history of a woman who became the only warrant chief in colonial Nigeria, and perhaps Africa. Her book distinguishes between Western concepts of gender and sexuality, and the indigenous meanings of these concepts in an African setting. She highlights the fluidity of gender and sex in Igbo land, where a woman, under certain circumstances, can assume the religious and social status of a man. A menopausal woman of wealth and integrity can also socially transform into a man, and enjoy the rights and obligations accorded to men. Such fluidity of gender and sex in Igbo land is portrayed in the life of Ahebi who, as warrant chief and king, became a man and assumed otherwise male roles, including marrying wives for herself and her brothers. Achebe repeatedly and rightly states that, in Igbo land, this practice of woman-to-woman marriage is totally unrelated to homosexuality. It is only a mark of wealth and social status. These wives married by women had sexual relations with men. However, children born of such marriages belonged to the female husband.

The Female King of Colonial Nigeria: Ahebi Ugbabe


Alternate History: the Sokoto Caliphate

I’ve been a bit behind my writing schedule. I had completed a first draft of a short story as part of my writeworld series, but unfortunately it got eaten by WordPress (my fault of course – I should have written it in a document first). I decided to have a go re-writing it but then got a little sidetracked with some research.

Why yes, I do have a tendency to overthink things, why do you ask?

A friend of mine pointed me to an alternate history board where one member has written some sections of a novel set during the Sokoto Republic. Continue reading “Alternate History: the Sokoto Caliphate”