Poster Design time!

One of the nice things about organising events is that I get an excuse to sit down and do some design work. It’s never amazing as I’m under time constraints but it’s nice being able to experiment with photoshop and develop my style.

There are two events on the way at the moment – MancsterCon, a comic convention which will be held on 29th August and AfroFutures_UK, an Afrofuturist conference in October. I’m busy doing art for events promo, mostly for MancsterCon as that’s approaching right soon, but a little on the side for the October event – hopefully that means by the time September comes, I’ll have some truly amazing posters on the way.

As such, I haven’t been updating this blog that much, although as ever, there’s about 50 draft entries waiting to be finished up. There’s been a lot going on, from events management to coding to hackathons and I will get it all out soon… just not right now!


Raving Ravens

Having successfully completed a newly corrected paper (hurrah!), I can now get back to finishing the web design and associated apps that I started working on before I was seduced by the prospect of academic notoriety. In the course of the usual search for prints and textures, I came across this fabulous piece by Nathan Ota and RISK. Absolutely fabulous. A piece of inspiration for the day amidst the usual styling woes (css can be a right pain, let’s just put it that way).

Crucifix by RISK and Nathan Ota