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Raving Ravens

Having successfully completed a newly corrected paper (hurrah!), I can now get back to finishing the web design and associated apps that I started working on before I was seduced by the prospect of academic notoriety. In the course of the usual search for prints and textures, I came across this fabulous piece by Nathan Ota and RISK. Absolutely fabulous. A piece of inspiration for the day amidst the usual styling woes (css can be a right pain, let’s just put it that way).

Crucifix by RISK and Nathan Ota

St Hilde

Abbess of Whitby
Abbess of Whitby

Have developed a bit of an obsession with saints, especially the saints of Great Britain and Ireland. I think it’s the abundance of bizarre Anglo Saxon names. What a language. Thank God for the Normans is all I can say.