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Hearing Through the Silence – additional thoughts

About a month ago, I was asked to write some thoughts on WWI by the parish priest at the church I attended when I lived in Manchester. My short article is available to read on the church blog.

I’ve decided to reproduce the article here, with additional commentary. True to form, there were some things I had in fact misunderstood and only got to clarify once I’d told her about the short blog post I’d dedicated to Great Uncle George. It’s always funny how that happens.

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I’m currently working on a couple of projects which include some concept art for a new steampunk webcomic set in an alternate late 1840’s and costume design for a comic opera set in 1910s Colonial Nigeria. In doing so have found some amazing fashion and design reference sites:

European Historical

Costume Institute Fashion Plates


Tudor_chic’s photostream

The Dreamstress

Diary of a Mantua Maker – one of my favourite blogs in general

Colonial Nigerian

The Art and Architecture of Yorubaland

Igbo Architecture

Ukpuru – Images of Igbo before (another generally cool blog with some brilliant images)


V&A collection


Black Dot co-operative – some absolutely fabulous fabrics, modern twists on vintage fabric with a Gorey-esque feel