Podcast on teaching Ngarrindjeri language

Been having a couple of conversations about representation of indigenous languages and land acknowledgements in UK natural history institutions, so this is really cool to find: https://www.nativetitlesa.org/ngarrindjeri-language-and-culture-in-riverland-school/.

It is worth noting the issue about the lack of (current!) knowledge and confidence of the local language, Erawirung. That’s often how accidental privileging can start and it resonates. There’s a lot of discussion about Igbo literacy – both in Nigeria and amongst the diaspora – and I was rather reminded about some of the sometimes tense discussions between Igbos and other south eastern Nigerian nations of which (for all that in the Nigerian political context Igbos can be considered as marginalised), the Igbo nation is the largest and has wielded what localised privilege it can wrt linguistic/cultural dominance.