Where Next for AfroFuturism? Thoughts on the Nine worlds panel et al.

I spent much of my Saturday at the Nine Worlds convention in Hammersmith, the first time I’ve ever been actually able to make it though not the first time I’ve heard of it. It’s been touted as one of the most inclusive geek events in the UK and for myself, I think that’s definitely the case, or at least from what I saw.

So wherefore my attendance? Well, I was on a panel titled ‘Where Next for AfroFuturism’, a panel I’d been invited to by Chella Ramanan from BAME in Games who I knew from January’s Afrotech Fest. A lot of – in fact all of – my recent talks have been on tech and inclusive design so it was nice getting to chat about AfroFuturism to a new audience.

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The Wilberforce Society Annual Conference: On Ubiquitous Junk and Infinite Reflections

I was invited to speak as part of the Wilberforce Society annual conference titled ‘Brave New World: Reimagined’, focussing on questions around the technological landscape of the future and the implications for policy and legislation.

My talk was part of a panel called ‘The White Heat of Technology’. Although I discuss the Internet of Things, I’m more interested in how our approaches to designing the services powered by such architecture is… sort of problematic.

Slides can be found here: https://slides.com/sapphonouveau/deck-11